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Memorials to Our Veterans of Wars

Soldier at Night Antietam  

"There are no better teachers for those who come after us than the silent monuments on the battlefields..."
- Major Wells Sponable, 34th New York Monument dedication at Antietam.

Honoring our veterans and civilians who lost their lives with memorials is an important part of every culture. They allow people to remember a deceased loved one or an important public figure. Many offer a resting place for the deceased. Survivors also get a place where they can go and pay their respects. Each are designed to convey powerful messages about the events or individuals they commemorate, and each has embedded in it a particular perspective, an interpretation, a set of values or judgments. 

We have compiled this list of memorials that can be seen in Washington County. We hope it serves to Honor Those Who Gave All for our country. Please click the links to see more info about each.

World War 1 Memorials:

Boonsboro World War I Memorial, Main Street, Boonsboro, MD
Western Maryland Railway World War I Memorial, Hagerstown Round House, Hagerstown, MD

World War 2 Memorials:

World War II Memorial, American Legion, Williamsport, MD

Civil War Memorials:

African American Civil War Veterans Memorial, Rose Hill Cemetery, Hagerstown, MD
Antietam National Battlefield
, Sharpsburg, MD
Antietam National Cemetery, Sharpsburg, MD
National War Correspondent's Memorial Arch, Crampton's Gap at South Mountain, Boonsboro, MD

Additonal Memorials: 

9/11 Memorial, City Park, Hagerstown, MD
Korean War Memorial
, Hagerstown, MD
Spanish-American War Cannon Memorial, Bloom Park, Hagerstown, MD
Vietnam War Veterans Monument, City Park, Hagerstown, MD

Additonal Historic Sites:

Washington Confederate Cemetery, Rose Hill Cemetery, Hagerstown, MD