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Member Benefits

Welcome to the Visit Hagerstown and Washington County Convention & Visitors Bureau! By choosing to be a CVB member you are not only investing in your business but also in the community. Being a CVB member is an important step in growing your business. An investment in membership increases your
visibility to consumers and connects you to key resources within the hospitality and tourism industry. 

The Visit Hagerstown CVB is committed to its mission “to accelerate the economic development of Washington County, Maryland, by promoting travel and tourism. The Bureau shall promote attractions, events, accommodations, and visitor services and develop new products to establish our community as a preferred destination to travelers.”

Member Benefits:

Marketing and Promotion:

Visit Hagerstown CVB promotes its members' businesses to potential visitors and area residents through various marketing channels, such as social media, mobile APP, printed publications (i.e. official Visitors Guide; Shopping & Dining, etc.), business listing on tourism websites, and advertising.

Networking Opportunities:
Visit Hagerstown CVB hosts networking events, and familiarization tours, providing opportunities for members to connect with other industry professionals.

Sales Leads:
Visit Hagerstown CVB provides sales leads, referrals, and contacts for potential customers or

Research and Data:
Visit Hagerstown CVB can provide members with research and data on the local tourism industry, visitor demographics, and market trends.

Education and Training:
Visit Hagerstown CVB offers educational seminars, workshops, and training programs to help members improve their skills and knowledge.

Visit Hagerstown CVB advocates on behalf of their members on issues affecting the local and state tourism industry, such as tax policies, regulations, and infrastructure improvements.

*Visitor Services:
Visit Hagerstown CVB goes the extra mile by providing visitors with tourism information through telephone, mail and email, while giving top priority to promoting its valued members.

Partnership Opportunities through FAMs & Site Visits:
Visit Hagerstown CVB works closely with meeting planners, tour operators, event organizers, and travel writers throughout the year through site inspections and familiarization tours.

Event Support:
Visit Hagerstown CVB can assist members with event planning and logistics, providing resources and expertise to help members host successful events.

Economic Impact:
By promoting and attracting visitors to Washington County, Visit Hagerstown CVB helps generate economic impact for their members, including increased sales, tax revenue, and job creation.

*The CVB is currently in the early planning stages of opening a new welcome center in the near future.