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What is the CVB?

The Hagerstown/Washington County Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) is a non-profit private organization.

The Mission of the Bureau is to promote Hagerstown and Washington County by increasing tourism and visitor spending through the marketing and promotion of attractions, events, accommodations and visitor services which will contribute to economic development.

The CVB markets and promotes Washington County, and your business or organization. Millions of people are exposed to our county's amenities, attractions, and businesses, because of the CVB's web, print, and broadcast marketing. Since the privatization of the CVB in 1997, its budget has grown from approximately $400,000 to more than $1.4 million annually. As directed by the Board of Directors, about 84% of all funds are spent directly on operations, advertising, marketing programs and publications. 

Over the past several years, Washington County has experienced record growth in travel.

  • Over 1.3 million visitors travel annually to Washington County
  • Visitors spend nearly $321 million while visiting
  • $81.5 million in tourism dollars is generated in Federal, State, and local taxes
  • 4,788 people are employed in Washington County tourism
  • Tourism is 7.7% of the County workforce

The economic impact of these numbers affects each and every person in Washington County. For businesses, this increase in visitors translates into more customers for gasoline, food, souvenirs, services, clothing and more. For you and your family, this increased spending represents lower local and state taxes, expanded recreational, retail and scenic opportunities.

Our Board of Directors consists of 15 individuals representing not only the tourism industry, but also a wide scope of businesses from throughout the County.

Its offices are located at 16 Public Square in Downtown Hagerstown.