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July is National Ice Cream Month in Washington County, Md.

July 18, 2017

July is National Ice Cream Month in Washington County, Md.

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There’s nothing better than cooling off from the heat and humidity of summer with a delicious, cold treat! Washington County is known for its small-town ice cream shops but there are a few unique ones that should be added to your list of summer stops.

Misty Meadow Farm Creamery, located in Smithsburg, is Washington County’s first and only farm creamery. The family owned and operated business processes milk from its dairy cows into ice cream. The homemade, hand-dipped, cow to cone ice cream is a rich, delightful treat that comes in 30 different flavors. In addition to special seasonal flavors, the menu includes sugar free gelato and dairy free sorbets. Enjoy a cup or cone or have your ice cream transformed into a milkshake or sundae. You can also get your passport stamped here at this official stop on the Maryland’s Best Ice Cream Trail.

Another Misty Meadow favorite is Creamline milk, whole pasteurized milk that has not been homogenized, so the cream or butterfat rises to the top. It’s the kind of milk your grandparents used to drink that you have to shake before you drink to mix in the cream. You can even spoon the cream off the top and use for your coffee. Creamline milk is available in white, chocolate, and strawberry. Farm-raised beef, pork, eggs and five flavors of cheddar cheese curds are also available for purchase, in addition to homemade soups and sandwiches.

While you’re at Misty Meadow Farm, take the time to enjoy the animals and activities. The young and young-at-heart will love the cows, miniature horses, sheep, bunnies and more! Misty Meadow Farm Creamery is open daily so be sure to check their Facebook page for the current hours.

The Meadows Original Frozen Custard has been around since 1950, but came to Hagerstown just over a decade ago. It serves up rich, delicious frozen custard in the South Pointe Shopping Center where you can enjoy the retro 50s-style ice cream parlor with music from the era or you can eat outside. There’s even a drive through and walk-up windows. The Meadows offers special daily flavors, made fresh every day. For their biggest fans, they offer an e-mail subscription service for the flavors of the day. You’ll love the special sundaes, smoothies, artic swirls and treats at The Meadows, like the Black Cow and the Apple Dumpling Sundae. In addition to frozen custard, Italian ice and gelati are also on the menu.

The Desert Rose Café has been a staple in downtown Williamsport since 2008. On its 6th anniversary the owners opened The Desert Rose Sweet Shoppe across the street, where patrons can enjoy hand-dipped ice cream from Antietam Dairy. There are many traditional flavors and seasonal favorites along with unique flavors like Teaberry, Razmatazz (Raspberry with Oreo) and Coconut Chip Almond. The menu includes sugar free options and Sherbet too. The Desert Rose Sweet Shoppe also has hard-to-find candies, fresh-baked pies, cakes and other desserts. The staff prides themselves in “Serving Karma by the Cup, Cone and Confection.”

New to Hagerstown is Gelato Bliss, located in the Fountain Head Plaza. Gelato Bliss offers artisan ice cream that is truly an indulgence. These authentic Gelatos, the Italian version of Ice Cream, are very dense and rich in flavor. The team at Gelato Bliss was specially trained in Verona, Italy. You can try different flavors of gelato in a cup or cone , an authentic frappé (a gelato milkshake), or a gelato sandwich that is above and beyond any ordinary ice cream sandwich. Toppings include whipped cream, Nutella and praline. Gelato Bliss also offers a full menu of coffee and drinks, as well as Italian salads and sandwiches.

This summer, beat the heat with some of Washington County’s most delicious cold treats. There’s a wide variety to choose from so you’ll never grow bored!