Hagerstown and Washington County are known for our rich history. Located in the crossroads of the Civil War, it is home to Antietam National Battlefield, and South Mountain Battlefields - all used in the Maryland Campaign. Hagerstown and Washington County also has a rich cultural scene.

The Hagerstown Arts & Entertainment District is home to the Maryland Theatre which offers year-round performances and events, including Maryland Symphony Orchestra concerts. Hagerstown is also home to the Western Maryland Blues Fest. The Washington County Museum of Fine Arts, located in scenic City Park, boasts an outstanding permanent collection with an active schedule of exhibitions, concerts , lectures, films, and special events for all ages.

Hagerstown and Washington County have a long list of educational and recreational activities. Imagine relaxing in a canoe as it passes under historic Burnside Bridge at Antietam Battlefield and thinking back to nearly 150 years ago when the whole area was in the throes of the Civil War. These crossroads of the Civil War are filled with history and culture. So much so, that you will begin planning your next visit before the first one is over.

Hagerstown and Washington County are home to great golf, upscale and outlet shopping, restaurants, museums, theater and superb hotel and meeting facilities. We love to host conventions and groups here!