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South Mountain Corridor

South Mountain Corridor

Tourist Area Corridors serve as welcome guides, via signage, placed along select State maintained routes. They provide directions to Maryland recreational facilities and cultural treasures. Museums, visitor centers, cultural exhibits, and campgrounds teach visitors and the citizens of Maryland about our State’s rich culture and activities.

A program of the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration, they work with local tourism offices, attractions and counties, to provide array of places to visit and experience.

The South Mountain Corridor was initially created to help promote the artisans of the Valley Craft Network of artisans and makers. This network of rural artisans are largely grouped together in the geographical region of South Mountain, which runs North/South along the border of Washington County. It also extends east/west along Route 40 to include other similar attractions and is thereby inclusive and consists mostly of Washington County’s tourism assets. Other attractions include wineries, antique shops, museums; anything that a visitor on a road trip to enrich experiences.

In addition to the dozen or so artists in the Valley Craft Network, these are just some of the locations can be found within the Corridor:

-More added as the program updates.

Look for the signs as you are out and about, wandering Washington County. Stop by and see what these local makers are up to!